From Cow to Conveyor... to Consumer


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      Dairy Hose ApplicationGot milk?

      According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, the average American drinks about 155 pounds of fluid milk in a year. Dairy farmers in the U.S. produce over 212 billion pounds of milk a year. And every American consumes about 37 pounds of cheese a year and 31.5 pounds of ice cream. That’s a lot of dairy!

      Dairy foods are delicious and nutritious — and they’re also some of the most regulated foods in U.S. history.

      Dairy processing plants must be outfitted with quality components that are not only durable, but ensure product and processing compliance with 3A Dairy, USDA, and FDA requirements

      That’s where Apache’s custom solutions come in. We can help your plant:

      Cheese Processing on Volta
      • Convey raw product: Bulk discharge hoses move raw milk product directly from the tanker into the facility
      • Maintain hygiene: Solid polyurethane belting satisfies even the most stringent FDA, USDA, and 3A Dairy sepcs
      • Cut bulk items: Cut-resistant belting stands up to frequent slicing, shredding, and scoring of bulk cheeses
      • Protect and move products: Custom conveyor systems satisfy processing challenges — from pasteurizing at high temperatures to protecting glass bottles
      • Washdown surfaces: Hoses, sprayers, and custom fittings combine to allow through cleaning between runs

      Apache solutions contain a range of essential components:

      Whatever dairy product you’re processing or packaging, Apache has a solution for you. Call us today, we’ll help preserve the quality of your dairy products — while you’re helping to feed millions of Americans.